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“I’m glad to be here. By your side. I’ve missed you” he sighed as he pulled her close to him as possible.  ”I remember when you were the new girl in school.” he nuzzled his face into her shoulder, grinning. “I’m glad you’re mine” he laughed. He felt himself being tugged down next to him, as he entwined his hands with hers. “tired?”

Aliyah couldnt help but blush when he said he remembered her first day here. “If there’s one day I remember the most, it’s that one, surprisingly.” she was referring to the fact that she still did’t remember many details about that day she’d let her entire past catch up with her here. “I told myself not to get attatched the second I saw you.” she laughed. “I was sure you’d want to be nothing more than a friend to me, but you proved me wrong.” she grinned. “Im very glad you’re mine.” she agreed. 

As if to answer his question, Aliyah yawned a little. She shook her head and laughed. “But I dont want to fall asleep yet. You’re here now, I don’t want to miss a second of you being here right now.” She laid on her side, facing him, and pulled their intertwined hands up to rest in the small space between them. Aliyah played with Brents fingers as she talked.

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    Aliyah nodded, her head moving to rest in the crook of his neck lightly. “Hmm, not many, surprisingly. I haven’t really...
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    "I’ll be here until you wake up, if we both fall asleep’ he laughed and fumbled with her fingers playfully. He wasn’t...